My tax refund was rejected, what should I do?


Automatic Returns: This method of return is given when you submit your Annual Tax Return 2018 no later than July 31 according to:

  1. Password:

If the credit balance is equal to or less than 10 thousand pesos.

If the amount greater than 10 thousand pesos and up to 50 thousand pesos, as long as you use your preloaded Standardized Bank Code (CLABE, for its acronym in Spanish)

  1. Electronic Signature (e.firma):

If your credit balance is higher than 10,001 pesos and you capture a new CLABE account.

In addition, you need:

  • To confirm your CLABE account preloaded in the system, verify it is under your name and continues active.
  • To indicate the option “Refund” when filing your Annual Tax Return 2018.
  • Not having submitted a refund request by Refund Electronic Format (FED, for its acronym in Spanish).

If you submit any of the following cases, your automatic refund will not apply:

  • If your credit balance is higher than 150 thousand pesos.
  • If in 2018 you obtained income for goods or businesses in co-ownership, marital partnership or inheritance.
  • If your refund requests do not correspond to the fiscal year 2018.
  • If you file your statement with a password when you are required to do so with e.firma.
  • If your seal certificates or digital signatures are revoked or you are in the list of defaulters published in the Tax Administration Service site (SAT, for its acronym in Spanish).


What should you do if you do not receive your return?

When the declared balance is not totally or partially returned, you must solve the inconsistencies through your Tax Mailbox or in the Procedures section available on the SAT site; you will need your Federal Taxpayer ID (RFC, for its acronym in Spanish) and password to access the site and e.firma so that your refund request is generated automatically through the Refund Electronic Format (FED).


What should you do if only a portion of your credit balance was refunded?

The authorized balance via automatic refund may be partial when there is a difference in the information corresponding to withholders, deductible expenses or incentives and data held by the SAT.

To request the refund of your credit balance, please enter the Tax Mailbox with your RFC and password, complete the Refund Electronic Format and send it with your e.firma. If you have inconsistencies, solve them.

Remember: if you accept the Annual Tax Return proposed by the SAT in the application, the refund will be complete.

Important: the return with credit balance that are authorized through the automatic refund will be subject to any of the following assumptions:

  • Compensation ex officio of your due firm tax credits.
  • Inconsistencies in the CLABE detected by the Federal Treasury (TESOFE, for its acronym in Spanish).
  • Subsequent review by the authority.
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