Legal entities (companies and/or organizations)

Regardless if you already have a company or if you want to create one, we help you with any requirement, analysis, and/or regime. Our expertise is accounting, financial and fiscal, so you can be sure that our recommendations have a strategy behind.


  • Advice for Legal Entities of the General Tax System:
    • Business Corporations ( Limited Liability Company, Variable Stock Corporation, etc.)
    • Civil Society
    • Production Cooperative Association
    • Credit, insurance and bonding companies
    • General Deposit Warehouses
    • Financial leasing companies
    • Credit unions and open-ended investment companies
    • Decentralized agencies
    • Investment companies


  • Advice for non-profit legal entities
    • Civil associations and societies
    • Retirement funds administrators
    • Trade unions
    • Chambers of commerce and industry
    • Professional associations
    • Assistance or charity institutions
    • Authorized grantees
    • Religious associations
    • Cooperative societies
    • Political parties and partnerships, legally recognized.


The Federation, the federal entities, the municipalities and decentralized bodies

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