Individuals (Members, domestic and/or foreigners)

Are you a freelance and/or independent worker? Are you a small entrepreneur? Do you issue receipts for professional fees? Are you an Uber driver or from another company? Do you rent or lease any property? Are you a foreigner working independently of Mexico?


Whatever the activity you dedicate yourself to, in Accuantia you will find customised solutions and tranquility before the requirements of the Treasury Department.


  1. Wage earner system
    • All individuals who earn a wage from a personal work subordinated to the disposal of an employer.
  2. Professional Activities System (fees, as long as they they provide an independent service, that is, not as wage earners)
    • Lawyers, architects, physicians, engineers, graphic designers, etcetera.
  3. Real Estate Lease System (for all persons who rent or lease a property):
    • Houses, apartments, buildings, commercial premises, roomies, etc.
  4. Business Activity System
    • Commission agents, mechanical workshops, printers, restaurants, cocinas económicas (a sort of kitchen that offers affordable prices for set courses or menus), canteens, schools, among others.
  5. Tax Incorporation Regime, better known as RIF (formerly REPECOS (Small Taxpayer Regime)
    • Drivers (Uber, Didi, Beat, Cabify, etc.), restaurants, coffee shops, cocinas económicas, canteens, dry cleaners, butcher’s shop, stationery shops, greengrocers, among others
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