Easier conditions for drivers and persons from ride/food delivery apps for their taxation

The Secretariat of the Treasury and Public Credit reported that the digital platforms for transportation and delivery of meals such as Uber, Cabify, DiDi, Easy Taxi, Rappi, among others, expressed their intention to enroll in the program that the public tax administration recently launched and which defines that this type of apps will pay taxes on account of their delivery drivers.

This plan does not create a new tax, but seeks a greater collection through a withholding and payment of taxes and which is accompanied by a legalization and
inspection of people who provide this type of services It comes into force on June 1, 2019.

The tax withholding to be made through the applications will be 8% VAT and 3% to 9% income tax (ISR, for its acronym in Spanish)


Monthly income Withholding rate (%)
$ Income tax (ISR) VAT
Up to $25,000 3 8
Up to $35,000 4 8
Up to $50,000 5 8
More than $50,000 9 8



Without a doubt it is an action that strengthens the powers of the Tax Administration Service (SAT, for its acronym in Spanish).

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