Do you have a startup company? Three reasons to choose Accuantia as your accounting firm.

Do you have a startup company?

Three reasons to choose Accuantia as your accounting firm.


An accountant is someone who, in addition to register income and expenses, is an advisor and even a confidant in business matters. Therefore, it is important that you find a person who is not only a good professional, but also generates confidence.

And you, as an entrepreneur or business owner, it is well known that the management of income and expenses is essential for business success and to achieve it is better to have a professional expert to guide and advise you. It is quite common that this item is neglected and still some consider it unnecessary.

Hiring an accountant to whom you delegate tasks in matters of administration and finance is vital, especially if you take into account the amount of tasks you have to develop day by day to keep your business operating and avoid legal penalties for noncompliance of tax liabilities before the Tax Administration Service (SAT, for its acronym in Spanish), etc.

In addition, it may be possible that the accountant takes charge of both your company and your personal financial situation; of course, without mixing them. Therefore, it can be said that choosing the ideal candidate is not a minor issue.

Here we share some reasons why you should hire an accountant, the characteristics that must be met by that professional, and on the way, convince you that Accuantia is your best accounting firm choice that will help you to fulfill your business dream.


  • One reason is that it is recommended to hire the services of an accountant before starting operations of your company because that will give you a better business view.

In Accuantia we are aware of this and we are ready to facilitate and advise you in obtaining the financial, tax and accounting health of your business, generating in the process, value for shareholders, employees and the business sector.

  • The functions of an accountant include: performing procedures, keeping you up to date in relation to changes in tax laws, advising you to make monthly and annual tax returns, registering and deregistering in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS, for its acronym in Spanish), being the intermediary with different government agencies, advising you before making the purchase of machinery or equipment, among other tasks.

At Accuantia, we believe that your time should be in your business and family, not in the operation.

Characteristics of a good accountant

  • The accountant you choose must be an accountant with the corresponding abilities.

In Accuantia as experts in the field, we have a BA in Accounting and master’s degree in Finance which are complemented with various refresher and professionalization courses.

  • A good accountant, besides being certified, it is desirable to be an independent worker, that is, not employed at a company.

We are available and always on the lookout for the tax movements you report, whether in person, by telephone or by electronic means with clear solutions and warm and kind treatment.

  • In terms of professional experience, we recommend that you investigate how many years you have been working on your own and which companies or individuals make up your client portfolio.

In Accuantia we have experience in the corporate world and accounting practice

  • Go further and interview them to make sure they are serious and responsible.

We aspire to become a leading company in Mexico in the field of financial and tax solutions, not only through the results, but also through a close, accessible, innovative, and fresh approach. Likewise, break paradigms on the traditional services of the accounting industry.

  • Also, verify if he/she has a backing such as belonging to the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants (IMCP, for its acronym in Spanish).

We are partners of the College of Public Accountants of Mexico, an organ of the collegiate Institute of the same name. In addition, we are part of various Chambers and associations of national and international trade which allows us to have a broad and international sense of business.

  • Every accountant must have knowledge in the area of sales, finance, administration, and dominate accounting and tax aspects, as well as in issues related to public relations. And of course, he/she should be able to give useful advice to the owner of a business so that the company can work on the right track by creating coherent future scenarios.

For Accuantia, the update and professional experience play a very important role when advising and guiding your business.

  • A good accountant is not the one who charges a lot, but the one who knows how to advise and makes the most of electronic means -as specialized tax software- to simplify their work.

We are a young company and make the most of technology to get close you and your business breaking paradigms about the traditional services of the accounting industry.


Finally, do not forget that communication is vital to avoid accounting problems in your business. Talk constantly with your accountant and agree on what you expect from him/her and what he/she should expect from you.

Accuantia, is a firm of accountants who offer comprehensive services and we provide our experience for tax and financial consulting, accounting, auditing, financial analysis and statements, and invoicing.

Contact us to request more information about our services; we will be glad to assist you .

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